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"SURE" Brand Wire Wound Resistor - SRH RHEOSTAT- Professional/ Industrial Grade




  • • Material selection and proper surface treatment ensure the good performance for very long life.
  • • Required contact pressure at steady state ensures good contact between carbon brush and resistance element.
  • • Reduced contact pressure while sliding ensures less force requirement to slide as well as low wear & tear of carbon brush while sliding.
  • • Adjustable contact pressure - User can adjust contact pressure at optimum level between steady state contact pressure and sliding contact pressure.
  • • Option of selecting high / medium resolution.
  • • Normal Resolution - Resistance wire is wound with some distance between adjacent wires ( gap winding) ensures normal resolution with cast economy.
  • • High Resolution - Specially processed Hard oxidized wire is wound with maximum possible number of turns in given length ensures better resolution with cast addition of resistance wire.
  • • Resistance wire is further protected by high class, high quality silicon coating ensuring technical, chemical, environmental and electrical protection.

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